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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why is my pool water cloudy?
A.  Several things can cause a pool to lose its clarity – inadequate water circulation, chemical imbalance, poor filtration, low sanitizer levels or lack of oxidation.

Q. Can algae really hurt my pool?

A. Yes! If left unchecked, algae can grow in free-floating patches or cling to pool walls. Not only can algae clog filters, it eventually can cause pool surface damage and impact swimmers’ health.

Q. Why does my pool have a strong chlorine smell?

A.  You may be improperly administering chemicals, which is costly and can prove harmful to eyes and skin.

Q. Can I experiment with chemicals till I get the water quality I want?

A. NEVER experiment! Improper measuring and mixing of chemicals – whether diluted or concentrated – can create both unwanted reactions and potential health hazards. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions with special attention to safety gear, clean up and storage.

Q. What is RWI?

A. RWI stands for recreational water illnesses that are caused by bacteria found in water, such as pools and spas. RWI usually involves diarrhea-type illnesses, but also can cause skin rash and ear, eye or respiratory infections. Pool and spa water requires proper chemical treatment to lessen the incidence of RWI. Also, people should avoid swallowing pool water and not swim while sick.

Q. What do I do when my pool fills up with rain water?

A. A full pool is really nothing to worry about.  Your technician can usually lower the level at his next visit.  Pools can and are designed to handle overflow.

Q. The walls of my pool are turning turquoise and blue?

A.  This is usually copper corroding from old pipes or heaters.  This can be cleaned with an acid wash.  However once this corrosion starts you have to replace all copper in the system to prevent it from coming back.

Q. My pool pump is making a terrible noise.

A. Turn off the system and call Whitecliff Custom Pool Care.

Q. What is the proper level for my pool water?

A.  Usually the proper level is the middle of the tile.  You have a hole on the side of the pool, called a skimmer, and the water level should be 2/3 of the way up the open area.  Low water levels can/will cause damage to your system.

Q. Why can't I run my system at night during cheaper electrical rates.

A.  Your pool needs to circulate during the sunny hours. If not stagnant water will form Algae and you end up with bigger problems.

Q. Water is leaking out of my pump, what do I do?

A. If the leak is not big, continue to run the system and call our office.  if the leak is significant then turn off the system and call our office.

Q. I have a broken pipe, what do I do?

A. Turn off the system.  Usually you can turn the system off at the time clock.  Other pools have automated systems such as Compools and Jandy.  These automatic computer systems have shut off switches.  If in doubt you can always turn off the electrical breaker to the pool system.

Q.  I am having a large party with extra heavy usage.

A.  Let our pool technician know.  He will leave extra chemicals which you can add after the party.  This helps prevent the pool from turning cloudy or green.  We base our chemical usage on past history.  So let us know, it always helps.

Q.  We are going to have a wedding on Saturday and my regular pool service day is Tuesday, can you come back later in the week.

A. Absolutely, Whitecliff will always make an extra trip for a large function at no extra charge.  We want you to be proud of your pool on these special occasions...so just let us know and we visit again at the end of the week!

Contact a professional pool service technician for additional guidance on these and other pool care issues.